Vote by Post

Applying for a Postal Vote 

Are you

  • going to be away on Polling Day?

  • too busy during the day to get to a Polling Station?

  • more likely to vote if you could do it at home?

Postal voting is the easiest and simplest way to make sure that your vote counts. Anyone who qualifies to vote can have one. You can apply to have a postal vote for one election if you’re going on holiday or have it for every election if you’d prefer.

Just download the form below and send back to your District Council (you can find the address at or send it back to our office.

The local council will send you your ballot papers in the post at least 11 days before the actual Election Day.

You complete the form, vote and then post it back to the Council.

The Council will check your signature and date of birth to make sure it is you, and then count it in the normal way on polling day.

If you forget to post your vote back, you can take it (completed and sealed in the envelope) to any polling station in your council area - right up to 10pm on polling day.